An Important Decision

We are in the process of deciding today about where Dad will land.  It’s either attempting to return to Marigold Assisted Living or to go to a skilled nursing facilty. We’re praying for wisdom and understanding.


Dad had a fairly good day today. He seems to remember more about his experiences in the past than where he is today. He remembers friends from his high school days but unaware of where he is. We’ve had an amazing group of sitters at Cabrini who have listened to his stories and filled the margins as we work through the details. There’s no doubting that he’s ready to go home. But home to him is a different place today than where his mind is telling him it is. The the rain falls across the region, the life moves on. I can’t even imagine the confusion and stress of those navigating similar paths only in boats and flooded homes in southest Texas.

Melinda shared this word with me yesterday, so fitting for all the things happening in our lives and the shared struggle of a floods and strife:

It is quite easy for us to talk and to theorize about faith, but God often puts us into His crucible of affliction to test the purity of our gold and to separate the dross from the metal. How happy we are if the hurricanes that blow across life’s raging sea have the effect of making Jesus more precious to us! It is better to weather the storm with Christ than to sail smooth waters without Him.
J. R. Macduff

May the God of grace restore us in our deepest point of need. May He mold us into vessels of honor, fit for use in the everyday struggle. He is enough to sit with us, to listen in our confusion, and to restore our hope as we walk together in both our perplexity and His mysterious peace.

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