A Finished Journey

He left last Tuesday as autumn leaves took flight.

We surrounded him under the shadow of the unseen One.

Some reach this destination accompanied by doom and regret.

We did not.

The swift arc of time brought us to this moment of understanding and consequence.

His breath growing shallow…

Eyes opened and unblinking…

“Daddy you can go now.

Everybody’s here.

We love you.

You’re weary and we’ll be OK.”

His eyes closed as he took a breath. (Just one)

He closed his mouth

And just like that, he was gone.

And with him a thousand sorrows and joys

With him, ten thousand songs

With him, decades of untold moments and mysteries

With him, all the fight and force of 83 years.

In this room, there was reconciliation and there were words finally spoken

Fear, resolve, destiny, theology, thanksgiving, purpose, forgiveness, sorrow and mysterious bliss.

All these words were stuffed in that small room and a few short moments

It was palpable… sacred.

Some words remained unspoken.

Words that I knew must wait for better days.

Yes, we knew this giving and taking Savior and we worshiped.

And we knew this man in all his aspects encompassed in that glorious final breath.

He left us all that peaceful afternoon

Today, I only speak to him in fragmented dreams

for he has gone into the shadows of eternity

through the gates of unknown lands.

17 thoughts on “A Finished Journey

  1. You have a gift in writing – hope you realize that! This is an amazing account of passing from here where hurt, fwar and brokenness can trump victory in jesus if we are not careful! But where hevis now is forever victory – forever happy – forever healed! Haha jyst to name a few of the forever blessings with Jesus Thank you thank you thank you for opening your heart. and soul through this journey julia walker (ann crawford’s sister – former singer)


  2. What a wonderful tribute…and how gracious you are to share those final, personal, sacred moments with us.
    Praying for you all in this time of change. ….and loving each of you.

    Deb Brown


  3. Very special. Your words gave us a powerful sense of what your family and MAT were dealing with over the tough months. I know I learned a lot and prayed often for you. Praying for Lillie now as she will miss Mark.


  4. Our family had a similar experience on Monday, September 18th, as my brother took his flight to his forever home. He won his 8th battle of cancer on that Monday afternoon. I can truly testify that God’s presence covered our family as we gathered around him and waited. We loved on him, talked and laughed as we shared stories of our lives together, sang of God’s amazing grace, prayed, reassured him it was okay to go on, and cried so hard when he took his last breath. He was unconscious the whole time, but, we were very aware that we were only waiting for angels to come. My forever memory of that day was after the angels came, the family gathered around his bed, holding hands and having one final prayer as the gentlemen from the funeral home arrived to take his worn, battered body to prepare it for his resting place.

    I’m sorry for this time that you and your family are experiencing. Your words truly spoke to my heart. I felt your day similar to ours. I rejoice that suffering for your Dad and my brother is over. My God grant all that you and your family need now and in days to come. Blessings.


  5. Wes and I would have loved to be there … closure for US not our friend. He was already worshipping and hearing heavenly music! Would have loved opportunity to comfort precious Lillie Rose and give hugs to you – his sweet family!

    Your words have been a comfort, a joy and given us the moments of tears and grief that we all need when saying a temporary good bye! Mark brought much delight into our lives …


  6. Yes Matt you have an incredible gift of expressing your heart & letting us in. Thank you for letting us walk with you through these days. It has been an honor to share this sacred time with your family, and I will continue to lift you up In prayer. Love y’all so much.


  7. Through years un-numbered on Heaven’s shore, my tongue shall praise Him forevermore! Sing on, dear brother Mark!

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