Never Too Late to Sing

Dad doesn’t do hospitals, but still it’s never too late for a song.

Hopefully, today is the day Dad leaves the hospital to begin rehab. Darlene has done so much of the research and legwork as Melinda and I have been trying to get dad to stick with the program and schedule.

In his mind, Dad’s got things he needs to do:

  • Set up a basketball goal at the house for the grandkids.
  • Help me start a church.
  • Start a revival.
  • Encourage me to sing a solo. (One of his more phantasmagorical
  • Audition the sitters for a singing group.
  • And, of course, get out of the jail and find Lillie.

But if there is someone there in the room, he can always sing.

Dad will be moving to Regency House today and hopefully Mom will join him there by the weekend. Please pray that he will understand and cooperate in this transition. If you know dad, you understand. He’s a maverick. Nobody EVER succeeded in getting him back in a bed.

Our prayers are also with all the victims of Harvey. I can’t even imagine the stress of the elderly and their caregivers in the midst of such a horrible, epic flood.

Houston Floods


In the midst of the floods, give our brothers and sisters the reminder that Your grace is enough. You won’t leave us alone. There is no adversity, struggle, unknown territory, or illness that leaves us walking alone.




21 thoughts on “Never Too Late to Sing

  1. Matt, thank you so much for the video of your dad singing. It really warmed my heart. I love your mom and dad so much. I sang in choir when your dad was music minister at Alpine Church. I will never forget that time under his leadership. Of course I had known them even as a young girl and always thought they were both such an inspiration to everyone. Praying for both your mom and dad. Love you all.


  2. Matt, i visit with you dad when mom was at Marigold. It was a great hour long visit sometime this past summer. Your mom and dad remembered me from Horseshoe days and the times that my bro was with foundation singers. My mom is going thru the same thing and it is certainly a long journey.

    Please also be aware that my daughters are in Nashville at this time. They were working with Lifeway with Angie this summer with the Fuge camps. Kellie and Kristen Fuselier. Just thought I’d let you know so that perhaps you can make a contact.

    Phil Fuselier, longtime friend


  3. Love hearing him sing. So glad he still has this gift. A blessing to share in the midst of this storm. We know the struggle. we walked through it with my father in law. Thanks for posting.
    Lanie Santo Newton ( Horseshoe Dr. Baptist – back in the day)


  4. It was wonderful to hear Uncle Mark, sing, again. The dynamic impact your Mom and Dad made on so many peoples lives can only be know to the Lord. I also loved that you have such a sweet heart in remembering those affected by”Harvey”. Especially the elderly and their caregivers. We must continue to pray. Tell them I love them both and miss them.


  5. Thy words have I hidden in my heart….Thankful that God’s words are still in your Dad’s heart and on his lips. Loving your family on this journey.

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  6. Wow! God’s song still remains so deep within his soul. Our Lord’s music has walked with him for decades … and accompanies him still. Thank you for sharing this precious moment. It encapsulates your dad’s lifelong journey with Jesus. Indeed, we must keep telling Jesus. Amazing!


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