Starting Over with Dad at Regency

Dad will be leaving Oceans Behavioral Hospital tomorrow to return to Mom and the room at the Regency House.  I’m praying the meds continue to work and will keep him calm through this time.  His language is still all over the place. He speaks but conversation is extremely difficult for him– just a jumble of words and phrases.  He can’t really answer questions and he doesn’t quite understand where he is and what is going on.

I’m probably more worried about mom’s reaction than Dad’s condition.  I hope she’ll be able to take in the different state that Dad is in now. He’s quieter and it’ll be hard for her to have any conversation with him. You have to be almost six inches from his mouth to understand him. And what he does say often does make a whole lot of sense. This could truly be a shock for her.

So tomorrow we will pass go but we will not collect 200 dollars.

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