Dad’s Surprise Guest

Gwen Williams came to visit Dad last night.  We had a great time, he was very aware of who she was and Dad talked non-stop.

They talked about music, the foundation singers, doing the musical “Love” at Alexandria Senior High, Dennis Phelps, Benjie Harlan, Horseshoe Drive and all their ministry years. Gwen was her delightful self. I hadn’t been around her since 1990, so it was wonderful to get reacquainted.

He seemed to be doing much better.  And no, Dad has not gone hindu.  I think he was just a little chilled.

At the end of our visit, Dad tried to get the attention of all the patients and their family members so he could lead them in a song.

He just doesn’t quit!


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Surprise Guest

  1. I’m so glad Gwen was able to visit with Mark. What a wonderful surprise for him and a blessing for both of them.


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