Dad continues to Decline

We are seemingly on a track of decline.  Dad’s difficult hours are between 3pm through the night. We are experimenting with medications as he continues to have bouts of depression, hallucinations and combativeness.

Mom is having issues as well with depression. I am learning what it’s like to have no answers or easy fixes. We don’t know where we are going but there is a bend in the road.  Dennis Phelps came by to visit on Monday. It was a sweet time with him. He told stories from the 70s and Dad remembered a few of his own.

The invisible man in the corner of the room is really bothering Dad and I, too, wish he would flee out of the darkness of his mind.

Lord, give us peace and mercy at the closing of every day.

Teach me to remember You in my own confusion.

The wrestling for your providence and the aching for your presence is visceral and overwhelming.




2 thoughts on “Dad continues to Decline

  1. Thanks Matt for the update. My heart grieves for both of them and esp for you too. A sweet friend of mine who shares with me in my own struggles with Jack said, ” I think it is almost better to be the one with impaired memory than the caregiver who has to struggle with decisions.” She is right. In many ways I am finding help by reading your struggles and how you handle them. Of course God and His peace is my constant source of help. His Spirit sustains me daily through His words of wisdom. I will have cataract surgery on Monday on one eye and then again on Oct 9 on the other. Since I am the one who does everything these days, it is important to see. Ha. Deb is coming to help me with the first and Craig will help with the second. I don’t call Lil often because it seems to make her cry.Sorry this has been long but I wanted you to know why I haven’t had good contact. Love, Glad


    1. Thanks SO much for the encouragement. Dad’s on some new medication that seems to have really helped him with the panic, disorientation and agressiveness over the past few hours. So I’m encouraged. Dennis Phelps came back to visit him again and it was a really sweet time. Mom has been going to a therapy group.

      I’m praying for you as you have eye surgery. I only wish we were all in Virgina. I miss ya’ll. Tell Uncle Jack that I love him!


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