First 24 Hours Back

Dad seems to be doing better. Yesterday Melinda, Wes, Darlene and I met with the staff at Regency House and discussed the care plan.  We are getting a sitter for dad for at least five nights. The fatigue over the past few days have left us spent on so many fronts. The weekend couldn’t come quick enough.  I’m so glad it’s here!

Dad is still having trouble distinguishing between past and present, where he is and why he’s here, but at least he’s not suffering.


Mom and Dad enjoyed an amazing visit from Deb Brown who drove six hours to come see them.  Such a blessing to us all!


2 thoughts on “First 24 Hours Back

  1. Glad you are getting a sitter. Being a caregiver can get you down and lower your resistance. Then you get down yourself, and you don’t want that to happen. Prayers for all.


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