The New Normals

Caution: Rated PG
Pretty Gritty

Days are difficult in different ways. Unique as the snowflakes.

Saturday morning, Mom and Dad were recovering from a rough night of sundowners with Dad. But Dad seemed clear.

Today (Sunday) Dad seemed almost in a conscious coma.  Sitting in his wheel chair, food in front of him. He seemed depressed. I learned that he was up so much last night that they finally wheeled him into the dayroom where he stayed until it came time for the chapel service.  He sang for them but it was draining. I fed him and then we went to the bathroom.  Confident that he could do it himself, I helped him loosen his pants but despite looking like he made in time, he didn’t. So we had a couple of other challenges.  A wet bathroom floor, a wet pair of jeans and the realization that life will never return to normal.

We ask for assistance because Mom has to use the bathroom, but nothing is in a hurry around there.

Melinda and Wes joined us. Melinda is such a comfort to Dad.  (Pictured above)

Charles Hutsler, former pastor at Alpine came by, and was a blessing to us.

We left hesitantly, but this is life. Doing things we never imagined when we started this journey.

It is a confluence of grief, inadequacy, fatigue, tenderness, uncertainty, fear and reverence for life. These are the tributaries of a local river. Even as we  reluctantly walk away.

4 thoughts on “The New Normals

  1. Dear Mat… it seems only those who have had these experiences can come close to understanding/relating to what you’re expressing in these post… been there, done that!! And I just want to offer listening/sharing if it would be helpful to you and family.

    Your Dad knew my Mom (Ouida) and Dad (John Powell) when he had full capacity of his mind. And we’ve all witnessed the power/influence/inspiration your Dad has had with others in his prime. It might seem that this is not that time but we remember it.

    Love and blessings to you and family,
    Alisha Ingles


  2. Thanks for the post, Matt. I tried calling Lil but was unable to get her. I suppose she doesn’t know how to use the cell. Please give them our love. So thankful for you, ‘Darlene and Melinda and Wes. Praying for all of you. This situation won’t last for ever and you will have no regrets because you are giving them your best. I think Mark calls you “the good son”…..which of course you are. Praying always, Glad


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