Moved Dad and Mom to a different room

The featured picture is Dad doing what he does best- meeting friends.

Yesterday was a day of more changes.  At least this time it’s a move inside the building instead of the Marigold Place to Regency, which we did earlier this week.  Regency House moved Mom and Dad closer to the Nurses station.  We are about to celebrate Dad’s birthday.

Dad is really improving.  He’s walking around, although tentatively. He’s eating well and cracking jokes.

We celebrated Dad’s bIMG_0647 (1)irthday with Melinda and Wes.  Dad enjoyed all the birthday wishes on Facebook.  We read them each and there were lots of tears of joy and thanksgiving.

This was the first day without transitions or extra issues. Thanks be to the Father!

We are dealing with “Sundowners” which can be especially challenging for Dad but I can’t believe how much he has improved over the past 48 hours.

4 thoughts on “Moved Dad and Mom to a different room

  1. Thanks Matt for the picture and encouraging words!! So glad that they are together and you did it!!! Love you, Aunt Glad


  2. Thanks Matt. I was going to try to call today but guess if Lil is at doctor I should put that off until tomorrow. Glad she is seeing the doc. I have been swamped with Jack’s needs, my upcoming eye surgery and daily issues….God is good and gives daily strength. Praise Him…..couldn’t make it other wise. Love you!


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