A Glimpse into a Different World

Dad is now in a parallel universe. His eyes are wider. His words echo through the waxed, sterile corridors. He approaches like a hurricane in a wheel chair. In his world everyone is an enemy. Dad is held captive, he believes, by the malevolent forces of cloaked villains. His medication, he believes, is poison. And I am a part of the system that brought him to this facility that he claims is full of bombs. The veil is breached and I am witnessing a world that I have only read about in books. Darker than any haunting labyrinth my feet have ever walked…

We pray for clarity and a few moments of respite with Dad.

Last night, a nurse called to report that he had settled. No more talk about the great beast and the coming tribulation. The hallucinations ceased. I whisper an empty Hallelujah.

Another night passes and a new day begins.

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