Two calls from Dad’s place and the Flood

I got two calls yesterday from Regency House. At around noon, I was called because Dad wasn’t staying in his chair and became belligerent. Last night at about 10:30. I went to check and he wouldn’t cooperate with the staff.  The second time dad fell.  Dad is in the right moment and right mind about a third of the time, it seems.  I’m so exhausted.  I went over there three times- each visit to Regency turned into a reset attempt for Dad.

At Mom’s place, they have brought assisted living evacuees from the flood.  This has been another uncomfortable thing for her.

I don’t know what today will bring but hopefully things will settle on Tuesday when mom joins dad at Regency.

Nathan came in from Chattanooga. I’m so glad he came.  He will certainly be an encouragement to us all.

Lord, have mercy on us. Give us all peace.

6 thoughts on “Two calls from Dad’s place and the Flood

  1. Matt, you are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless Mark and God bless you all with His Presence as you struggle with these issues.


  2. Matt, I have spent time today not only praying for sweet Bro Mark and Lilly but you and the rest of the family. I will continue to press on in prayer and please know I would really love to come up and sing awhile and sit with him. Send me a message 2259374985 and let me know where this home is located and when they can have visitors- sending so much love and prayers your way! His strength is perfect when our strength seems gone…❤


  3. Matt, I have fond memories of your Dad. The Foundation Singers, the drama revival he held at our church, and always an encourager to us young ministers (at the time).

    I also just recently walked my Dad home on May 2. Was alone with him when he went home.
    These men lived a life that left a lasting legacy.
    Blessings on your family.
    Les Colvin


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