This Day is a Personal Reminder

As I watch my 83-year-old father struggle through IV’s, dementia, infection and loss of the ability to do the normal tasks of life I am reminded that I must appreciate the fact that I can walk briskly, feed myself, go to the bathroom on my own, read, and enjoy the conversations of my family. These things don’t last forever. I must remember to celebrate the goodness of today as much as I celebrate the greatness of today. In fact good is great and God is good. I am not promised another day of health, independence, or connection. Everything is a good gift for this moment. It dwarfs entertainment, relationship difficulty, and agendas.

Unlike so many this morning I am walking on dry ground.

Lord, have mercy on those who are not.

Unlike many, I am surrounded by the best friends I know, and those who are far away, I can connect with in an abundance of ways.

Lord, draw near today to those who are alone, living their days in isolation.

I can remember with great clarity all the amazing experiences God has given me.

Lord, strengthen those whose minds are disoriented and failing.

Unlike many I am not dealing with chronic illness.

For some reason, I am not and it doesn’t have anything to do with my goodness or wisdom. It’s just where I am today and there’s no promise I won’t be sick tomorrow.

Lord, be near to those who are struggling and suffering today.

Today really is a gift.

Today I am a caregiver. At some point in my life I will be a care receiver.

Give me grace to be thankful in those days for the days I have like today.

8 thoughts on “This Day is a Personal Reminder

    1. Dad had a fairly peaceful night. We had a brief, somewhat clear, conversation this morning. I think he realizes he’s in the hospital. He tried to pull out the IV during the night so he had bandages on his IV arm. I’m fairly optimistic he will rally.


  1. Matt, I know this is so hard and painful to experience. You are a splendid son (Melinda a splendid daughter). Your family has so many friends and admirers, hundreds of people are praying and your faith will sustain you. I was walking this morning and hearing your daddy singing sweet sweet spirit, then swing low sweet chariot. Thank you and your family for tackling this awesome responsibility with courage and a positive attitude.


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